My Equipment Checklist

Once your baby is giving you signs that they’re ready to begin weaning, you should prepare for their first steps on the road to solids by investing in a few simple kitchen and baby utensils. You may already have some of these to hand, but the following is a good list of weaning “must-haves”.
The Spoon
It’s worth having two of these at mealtimes - one for you to use and one for your baby, to get involved! A brightly coloured plastic or rubber spoon should prove visually enticing, even before there’s food on it.
Small, durable plastic bowls
As you may discover, durability will be an important factor (although models with suction cups can help avoid them ending up on the floor) but if possible, get ones that are also dishwasher safe and brightly coloured, to appeal to your baby’s eye.
A beaker should only be introduced from 6 months onward, as your baby will not be able to grasp it before then. Two-handled beakers are ideal, as once your baby appears able, you can allow them hold their cup by themselves.
Liquidiser/blender & sieve
Even something as small as a hand blender will prove invaluable for puréeing large quantities of food. For smaller quantities of food, you can use a standard fork and sieve to purée.
Ice-cube trays & small containers.
If puréeing large quantities, you’ll want to freeze some to use later. Flexible ice-cube trays are perfect for this, as you can defrost just the amount of solid food you need when you need it. Small containers can also be used to freeze food and/or as feeding pots if you’re on the go.
Before you go puréeing any vegetables for your baby’s meals, you will of course want to cook them, quickly and simply. A steamer (whether a dedicated electric model or a steamer basket that will fit over a pan of boiling water) will turn out to be a sound investment here.
Somewhere comfy to sit
Your baby will need to be in an upright position, with their head supported if needs be. This seat should be safe and comfortable, and you’ll also want one that’s easy to clean!
Bibs & cloths
Your baby’s bibs will inevitably get very messy, so it’s good to have a handy supply of them, ideally made from quick-drying fabrics so they can be rinsed and ready to re-use more frequently, plus clean cloths for wiping stray splashes.

Introducing The Spoon

It's the most important piece of equipment you'll need once your baby starts weaning - but it's by no means the only one.
Your Preparation Goals
  • Understand how to recognise baby is ready for weaning
  • Buy your weaning equipment
  • Wait for the right moment!