8 Months+

By this stage, your baby should be well established on solids, and they’re also bound to be growing fast! This is typically the age when they’ll be trying to get more involved at mealtimes. Self-feeding is to be encouraged, as is an even greater variety of tastes and textures such as minced and mashed with soft lumps. Also now is the time to introduce soft finger foods. Within the Milupa 8 months+ range, your baby will get new cereals which still contain the same essential nutrients, but they will experience even more new tastes and textures which are tailored for their stage. Because we know that finding inspiration is not easy every day, Milupa is here to help you with some recipes ideas, a meal planner and weaning tips.

NUTRITION FACT! Do you know what makes Milupa cereals good for your baby?

Milupa cereals contain essential nutrients, new tastes and textures to complement a mixed weaning diet. With a range of vitamind (e.g. A, B, C, D) and minerals (e.g. iron and calcium), Milupa cereals also contain nutritious cereal grains to help support your baby’s healthy growth.
By the way, the Milupa range contains no added salt!


  • Introduce a variety of flavours and textures - your baby should be able to eat minced or mashed food with soft lumps.
  • Give your baby a beaker of cooled, boiled water with meals.
  • Allow your baby to self-feed - now is the time to introduce soft finger food such as chopped banana.
  • Expect a mess!
  • Keep within your routine of three daily meals.


  • Give your baby lumpy cereals with milk such as Rice Krispies. The combination of runny liquid and lumps may be too hard to manage at this stage.
  • Feed your baby fruit with seeds or skins.
  • Be put off if your baby hasn't developed teeth yet - they can use gums to chew lumpier food.
  • Leave your baby unattended while they are eating.
  • Give up offering new flavours.

Frequently Asked Questions

Whatever stage of the weaning process your baby is currently at, we know it's a new experience for both of you. That's why we've used our 30 years of expertise to bring you this list of the most frequently asked questions that weaning parents have asked us. We hope they help!
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Your 8 Months+ Goals
  • Introduce minced and mashed foods with soft lumps.
  • Allow baby to self-feed with soft finger food.
  • Continue introducing new flavours.
Food & Nutrition
We’ve put together these useful meal planners, popular recipes and Frequently Asked Questions to help you plan for this stage of weaning.