4-6 Months+

The most recent infant feeding guidelines as set by the Food Safety Authority of Ireland (2012) recommend that all babies are weaned onto solid foods at about 6 months of age, no earlier than 17 weeks and not delayed beyond 6 months (26 weeks).

If your baby is ready to start the journey of weaning onto solid foods between 4-6 months, we set out weaning goals that you and your baby should hope to reach in our 4 months+ section. You’ll also find meal planners, recipes and a ‘likes’ chart. Firstly, though, have a look at our 4 months+ weaning tips and advice! The Milupa 4 months+ range provides simple recipes adapted to your baby with a smooth texture for a gentle start.

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Milupa cereals contain essential nutrients, new tastes and textures to complement a mixed weaning diet. With a range of vitamind (e.g. A, B, C, D) and minerals (e.g. iron and calcium), Milupa cereals also contain nutritious cereal grains to help support your baby’s healthy growth.
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Breastfeeding is best for babies and provides many benefits. The Department of Health and Children recommends exclusive breastfeeding in the first 6 months of life and continue with the combination of nutritious foods for up to 2 years and beyond.


  • Sterilise all weaning equipment until your baby is 6 months old and all bottle feeding equipment until your baby is 12 months old.
  • Choose a time when you and your baby are relaxed.
  • Have all weaning equipment at your disposal.
  • Make sure baby's first foods are a runny and smooth puree with no lumps to start with.
  • Leave a 2-3 day gap between the introduction of each new food.


  • Introduce solids before 17 weeks.
  • Decrease the amount of milk given to your baby too quickly.
  • Feed baby foods containing gluten before six months.
  • Feed your baby food that is too hot - serve it at room temperature.
  • Re-use leftovers from the bowl or jar that you've used to feed your baby from.
  • Add salt or sugar to your baby's food.

Frequently Asked Questions

Whatever stage of the weaning process your baby is currently at, we know it's a new experience for both of you. That's why we've used our 30 years of expertise to bring you this list of the most frequently asked questions that weaning parents have asked us. We hope they help!
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Your 4 Months+ Goals
  • Introduce your baby to a variety of solid foods.
  • Try out our handy recipes and meal planners.
  • Use our 'likes chart' to help track their likes and dislikes!
Food & Nutrition
We’ve put together these useful meal planners, popular recipes and Frequently Asked Questions to help you plan for this stage of weaning.